• What’s In Your Deodorant?

    What’s In Your Deodorant?
    Aluminum—the active ingredient in antiperspirants that keeps you dry—has raised the most concerns for its potential link to everything from breast cancer to Alzheimer’s.
  • Stay Safe!

    Stay Safe!
    Many are feeling fear and frustration due the serious nature of Covid19 outbreak! We’re worried about the health and well being of ourselves and our loved ones as well. Were are adjusting to quarantined life and staying safe! Hope you are too!
  • How Do You Love Your Skin?

    How Do You Love Your Skin?
    Did you know the skin is the largest organ of the human body? Yes, it is! For that reason we must treat our skin well. How do you care for your skin? Our skin covers about 18 feet of the human body.
  • Deodorant without Aluminum actually works!!

    Deodorant without Aluminum actually works!!
    That deodorant without aluminum works effectively is an experimented fact beyond doubt. In applying any substance to your skin, it is important you consider its health effects.
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