Deodorant without Aluminum actually works!! Body and Soul Naturally

Deodorant without Aluminum actually works!!

Deodorant without aluminum works! This is an experimented fact beyond doubt. In applying any substance to your skin, it is important you consider its health effects. Unlike antiperspirant, deodorant without aluminum is exceptional in getting rid of body odor without any side effect. Since all Natural Deodorants are not equal, searching for one that works can be a chore! 


What are deodorants?

Deodorants are those substance used on the body to eliminate body odor or conceals unpleasant smell caused by bacterial breakdown of perspiration in armpits, feet and other areas of the body. Deodorants affect odor as well as prevent sweating by affecting sweat glands. It’s different from the body spray you use. Although fragranced and cologne body sprays can help you smell really nice, only an antiperspirant or a deodorant can reduce underarm smell.

The answer to smelling well is to buy and use deodorant, right?

Well, I wish it were that simple. I really do. Not all underarm products are worth buying though. Some of them have been touted to cause long-term problems even if they seem to solve the immediate odor problem. Basically, this is down to the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant.

Deodorant without aluminum vs. Antiperspirant

These products were made to solve the same problem. They just apply different strategies, one safer than the other.

So how do antiperspirants work exactly?

As the name suggests, antiperspirants are designed to prevent your armpits from sweating. This is achieved by clogging the sweat pores in your pits, allowing little to no perspiration. They can achieve this thanks to their aluminum salt content. That is the main anti-sweating ingredient in every major antiperspirant on the market.

Pure deodorants, on the other hand, won't try to stop you from sweating, because that's a good thing. Instead, it is designed to deal with the unpleasant odor that usually arrives on the coattails of your perspiration.

In recent history, there's been an increasing clamor for going green and seeking safe alternatives to our everyday products. Based on this trend, many women are beginning to reconsider the use of aluminum based antiperspirants and there is a good reason for that. A few good reasons actually.

So what's so bad about aluminum?

Aluminum chlorohydrate is a chemical compound [AI2CI(OH)5] used as an active ingredient in commercial antiperspirant and other cosmetics. It is as well used as a coagulant in water sanitization. To be honest, deodorant with aluminum perform its main purpose very well. But many users have failed to consider the health effect of this substance.

Aluminum-based products have too often been reported to be a leading cause of diseases like Alzheimer's and Cancer, especially breast cancer. On the surface, it kind of makes sense given that the breast is the closest organ to the armpit, but it’s more than that.

The thing is this; sweating is a good thing. It is one of our body’s ways of expelling toxins from our system and the armpit is one of its outlets, so when we clog those sweat pores in our underarms with aluminum-based deodorants, we may be doing ourselves more harm than good.

You know what that means right? It means in our bid to smell good and prevent sweating, we seal the toxins inside and our body has no way of pushing them out. That's never a good thing - even if you're an excessive sweater. Regular detoxification keeps our bodies in top-notch performance and reduces the burden on our immune system.

It turns out that the smell that accompanies sweating is not a function of the sweat itself. Perspiration by itself is clear and odorless. But when it leaves the body through the underarms, it reacts with bacteria on the surface of your skin that then creates the unpleasant odor as the sweat ferments. That is why a natural deodorant without aluminum is a safer bet because it is designed to kill off those bacteria, allowing you to sweat and detoxify without smelling like a gym locker.

Plus, there are those who are allergic to stuff like aluminum chloride and other related salts. For them, using an antiperspirant is an invitation to some form of skin rash or irritation.

The possible dangers of aluminum have been covered by many publications for years including the famous 2013 documentary called The Age of Aluminium, produced by an Austrian filmmaker Bret Ehgartner.

To be fair though, while the fear of aluminum-based deodorants is real, there has been no scientific proof that aluminum in these products causes Cancer or Alzheimer's or any other serious disease. However, there has been no concrete disproving of the fact either.

I don't know about you but if you're smart, you'll agree with me that it's better to be safe than sorry, right?

Don’t worry, there are some natural deodorant without aluminum which are safer to use without any health effect and do effectively work.

Natural Aluminum Free Deodorants, A Safer Choice

As more consumers are getting concerned, many cosmetic product companies are beginning to switch to a natural deodorant without aluminum product line up. The industry has seen a significant increase in the use of alkaline minerals or a clever mix of essential oils and plant extracts for deodorant production just like we do with our women's natural deodorant.

Our aluminum free deodorant comes in a variety of natural scents including citrus fresh, cucumber, lavender, baby powder, zesty lemon, and others. We also included a lovely mix of natural goodness and essential oils like Shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, arrowroot powder, vitamin E and much more.

All these ingredients work together to give you all the benefits promised by antiperspirants and other deodorants on the market. They help absorb sweat, kill off the odor-causing bacteria and protect your garments from underarm stains and discolorations all without aluminum.

These are the kinds of ingredients you should be looking out for in your choice of natural deodorant without aluminum. Also, aluminum isn't the only ingredient to be wary of because there's other stuff in deodorants that your skin may react adversely to. So as a general rule, you should also stay away from deodorants that contain any endocrine disruptor like triclosan or propylene glycol. There are also other ingredients like parabens, alcohol, phthalates, formaldehyde and artificial fragrances to avoid as well.

Great! Now you know what kind of ingredients to look out for in a natural deodorant and the ones to stay away from. But did you know that extra underarm care is also important? Have you ever heard of detoxing your armpits? 

Let’s Talk About Detoxing Your Armpits! 

Extra underarm care helps to ensure your deodorant is that much more effective when you finally make a choice. But before you transition to your new deodorant, you may want to consider detoxing your armpits if you've been using an aluminum-based stick, spray or cream. This will accelerate the balancing of your PH levels.

How to go about detoxing? We'd recommend that you use bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. In our experience, it works extremely well and really gets in there to take care of irritations as you transition to an deodorant without aluminum.

Bentonite clay has enviable detoxification properties and is readily available at most health shops, or you can go order it on Amazon and have it delivered to you. Check out our Detox and Deodorant Combo Today! 

Or Make It Yourself! 

Detox Recipe: Take one tablespoonful of the Bentonite clay and two tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar and place them in a bowl. Then to make a paste, add not more than 2 tablespoons of water until you achieve a creamy consistency. You may want to add Tea Tree Oil which is great for the skin. This is a good recommended mix ratio that works well to create a creamy paste.

Next, apply it to your underarms. Make sure you get your fingers in there and spread it over every part of your underarm in a thin layer. Let it sit for and work its magic for about fifteen minutes and then rinse it off with water and thoroughly dry with a towel. I recommend detoxing in the evening once per day for about 5 days for full detox. 

Be patient with the transition process because it will take a while before your body odor regulates. Remember not to use your old antiperspirant deodorant during this period. Transition to Body and Soul Naturally Aluminum Free Deodorant! 

Tips for Aluminum Free Deodorant Using Success

Okay, so now that you're all "PHed" up, there are a few more tips to help you combat your underarm troubles. The first is obvious: apply an aluminum free deodorant in the morning before you dress.

Okay, so now that you're all "PHed" up, there are a few more tips to help you combat your underarm troubles. The first is obvious: apply an aluminum free deodorant in the morning before you dress.

Quick Note: Bear in mind that natural deodorant without aluminum  may smell slightly different for every individual. That's because it mixes with your body's natural scent to give off a unique smell that may not exist for any other person.

Applying deodorant will help mask the odor of sweat. The arrowroot powder in our natural women's deodorant also helps to absorb the moisture, reducing the perspiration as reasonably as possible so it doesn't leave what we call "sweat maps" on the underarm of your shirts.

Tip 2: for extra protection from sweat stains, you can also tag on a dress shield to the underarm of your shirt to soak up the wetness and prevent it from getting to your shirt.

Tip 3: this one's a biggie!  Shave your armpits. I suggest shaving at night before bed, and do not apply any deodorant after shaving. This will reduce armpit rash. I realize that's not really news for most of us, but once in a while, you'll find a lady who loves to keep a little vegetation. It's time to let go of the fuzzy underarm. Shave your hair regularly and you will surely feel a lot more confident wearing any kind of shirt or blouse. 

Tip 4: Try to form some new posture habits. When sitting in a chair, cultivate the habit of draping your arms over the chair or on the armrest. This will allow for the circulation of some much-needed air around your pit area.

Tip 5: If you love to hit the gym or go on a run regularly in a sleeveless shirt, stay away from ones with tight armholes that sit just beneath your underarm. Go for larger armhole shirts that give your underarm area some breathing space. They are just more comfortable and tend to stay out of the way of your perspiration when it happens.

Deodorant without Aluminum Naturally Works!

Deodorant without aluminum work by naturally reducing your body odor and, as in this case with our brand, moderately regulating sweating output. All of our deodorants as well as our other products are toxic free and crafted with love. Keep in mind that deodorants’ vary depending on the physical activity you engage in, person to person immunity, climate and more.

We hope this article has shined a light on this issue and encourage you to share comments and questions below.

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Excellent advice! Never heard of detoxing your armpits. This is a must try!

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Great article. Lots of really good info and advice! Just placed an order for your deodorant. Looking forward to transitioning and trying yours! Thanks

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