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Eliminate Armpit Irritation After Shaving!


Do you shave your armpits? Got Armpit Rash?? Razor burn or shaving rash is a skin irritation that can be caused by dry shaving; shaving too aggressively; or shaving with dull blades.

Few suggestions to help! Shave before bedtime only! Use a natural shave cream; we suggest EOS cream. Using a dull razor, which requires you to apply more pressure when pressing the blade edge against the skin, often results in irritated skin. Always rinse your razor under warm water in-between shaves, then switch out the blades or grab a new razor as soon as you notice that it's worn down.

Do NOT apply deodorant afterwards; give your armpits time to heal overnight! Remember, your armpits are very sensitive and there are very important lymph nodes under your arms!  Instead of deodorant, apply a moisturizer overnight like Shea butter or Coconut oil or GOLD BOND POWDER help soothe the skin. Gold Bond can be purchased at Walgreens, Target or Walmart.

These suggestions should eliminate armpit rash that can occur after shaving💜.

Remember, Love Your Body Naturally~


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