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Why Partner With Us? 
Schools reopening is a daily topic. Some may choose classroom, some remote. If your school needs to raise funds for enrichment programs, we would love to participate!

I created Body and Soul Naturally about 4 years ago after learning that my aunt was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer forming in the lymph nodes under her armpit. As she went through chemotherapy doctors told her to no longer wear deodorant. This information was alarming and prompted me to research the connection between Aluminum Based Deodorants and Breast Cancer. I went on a quest to find different ingredients that were healthier alternatives for odor protection. During my research, I learned about various natural ingredients and I began to make my own deodorant.
Over the past 3 plus years we have developed many products in our skincare line. Including our aluminum free deodorant, whipped Shea Butter, organic bug repellent, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, raw sugar scrub, body wash and more. Many products used today include toxic ingredients that should not be applied to your skin. Bringing health and wellness fairs & fundraising programs to schools will get the message out into the masses. Thus, providing education on toxic ingredients while offering a healthier alternative through our skincare line. Children need to learn about parabens, phthalates, triclosan, and other toxic ingredients as early as middle school! 
Our Goal
Since education is part of our mission, collaborating with schools would be a great opportunity to reach young people early and often.  We discount our products offered in fundraising programs and we donate a portion of the proceeds to the schools participating. Contact Us To Learn More! 708-634-0063 or Info@bodyandsoulnaturally.com  


  • by Aleia Knight on

    Love it

  • by Krystal on

    Thus is an awesome opportunity for fundraising and great products.

  • by lauren on

    thank you for what you are doing it is so needed!

  • by Verronica on

    Thanks so much sharing. That’s amazing that you started your skin care line. There’s so many harmful ingredients in certain products. Very important to pay attention and look. Kudos to you.

  • by Britney on

    Thank you so much for sharing! Great info here

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