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Women’s Natural Deodorant

Women’s Natural Deodorant

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New Formula

One Stick Of Our Deodorant Is Known To Last 90 Days or Longer! Still Looking For An Aluminum Free Deodorant That Works and Eliminates Stinky Pits.... Look No Further! Our formula provides long lasting protection without irritating your skin.Ingredients include coconut oil, arrowroot powder, zinc oxide, bentonite clay, D earth, beeswax, jojoba oil, fruit complex, vitamin E and fragrance.  

Do you shave your armpits? Got Armpit Rash?? Razor burn or shaving rash is a skin irritation that can be caused by dry shaving; shaving too aggressively; or shaving with dull blades. Few suggestions to help! Shave before bedtime only! Use a natural shave cream; we suggest EOS cream. Do NOT apply deodorant afterwards- give your armpits time to heal overnight! Remember your armpits are very sensitive and there are very important lymph nodes under your arms! Love Your Body Naturally! 💜

Suggested use: Swipe no more than 3 times under each armpit, rub in with finger tips to reduce any residue, DO NOT OVER APPLY! Our formula does NOT include any chemical antiperspirant ingredients, therefore you may still have minor perspiration. This is normal. Size 3.0 oz.

Our deodorant has NO preservatives, all ingredients are organic with exception to some fragrances which are paraben free. Due to this average shelf life is about 6 months per tube. 


SCENT Options For Women

- Lavender is a unisex scent that has floral & herbal spa like notes.

- Zesty Lemon has refreshing notes of lemongrass & eucalyptus. 

- Baby Powder is soft & subtle smells just like baby powder 

- Fresh Rose  is a floral scent with mild notes of fresh rose petals. 

- Tea Tree is an organic oil called Melaleuca, a fresh camphor scent.

- Cucumber Mint is a unique mixture of cut cucumbers & herbal mint.

- Wild Flower is a mix of organic geranium and lavender notes. 

- Cocolime Verbena is a soft mix of island coconut and lime. 

- Unscented Has a faint scent of coconut oil - It's our natural scent. 



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