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The NK. Collection

The NK. Collection

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Shea Butter Scents
Deodorant Scents
Body Wash Scent

The NK. Collection includes our TOP 3 products for women! A Natural Deodorant Sample 1oz., Small Body Wash, Whipped Shea Butter (4 oz. each) This is the perfect stocking stuffer or travel companion! 

Our Rich Whipped Shea Butter will provide long last moisture in various scents. 

Our Sulfate Free Body Wash is non toxic. Please note, body wash will NOT produce extreme lather and the consistency is not as thick as traditional body wash. 

Our Natural Deodorant Sample will last 2 to 3 weeks. This will allow you to see if you like our Deodorant. We hope you do! 

Collections Are Excluded From Additional Sales or Coupon Deals Due To Bundled Pricing.


 SCENTS for Shea Butter and Or Body Wash:

- Blue Velvet ~ a feminine scent mixed with oriental caramel, vanilla & cocoa.  

Lovely Lady has sugary notes of Madagascar vanilla, caramel & almond.

- Lavender an aromatic scent with floral and herbal notes.

- Lemon Zest is a fresh scent bursting with zesty lemon hues.

- Peach Blossom is a sweet floral scent with peach notes.

- Berries and Cream is a beautiful combination of amber and berries.

 SCENT Options for Deodorant:

- Zesty Lemon, organic oils of lemongrass & eucalyptus.

- Baby Powder, is soft & subtle, smells just like baby powder.

- Lavender, is aromatic with notes herbal & floral lavender scents.

- Tea Tree, an organic oil known as Melaleuca, has a fresh camphor scent.

- Fresh Rose, is a unique combination of Rose and Sandalwood.


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