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Naturally Her Collection

Naturally Her Collection

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Get The Box! Looking For An Awesome Gift For Her? Save Now & Try Some of Our Best Natural Products for Women! SAVE 20%.

Women’s Box Includes: Aluminum Free Deodorant, Whipped Shea Butter, Natural Body Wash, Hair & Scalp Oil & Natural Body Oil. 

Collections Are Excluded From Additional Sales or Coupon Deals Due To Bundled Pricing. 


Regular Price of Items: $100

Save 22% on Collection Price! 

Shea Butter $26

Natural Body Oil  $20

Hair & Scalp Serum $16

Aluminum Free Deodorant $15

Body Wash with Exfoliating Gloves $22.97


Still Looking For An Aluminum Free Deodorant That Works and Eliminates Stinky Pits.... Look No Further! 

Moisturize Your Skin With Our Rich Whipped Shea Butter... Your Skin Will Thank YOU! 

Refresh! Our Sulfate Free Body Wash Will Cleanse Your Body Without All the Toxic Stuff! 

Nourish Your Scalp Intensely With Our Organic Hair & Scalp Serum... End Dry Scalp on Contact! 

Moisturize & Hydrate Your Body With Our Natural Oil, Made With Oils Your Skin Will LOVE!  

One Stick Of Our Deodorant is Known To Last 2 Plus Months. Save Big & Get The Box Today!   

Choose from Various Scent Options. 


SCENT Options For Shea Butter & Body Oil:

- Lovely Lady, sugary notes Madagascar vanilla, caramel & almond. 

- Sexy Sandalwood, rich notes of vanilla, amber & sandalwood. 

- Blue Velvet, a cotton candy scent with caramel, raspberry & vanilla base. 

- Lavender, aromatic notes of floral and herbal flowers. (Unisex)

- Peach Blossom, a sweet floral scent with real peach hues. 

- Soft Cashmere, a powdery scent with hues of jasmine and musk.

- Berries & cream, a delightful mix of vanilla, musk and berries. 

- Lemon Zest, a mild lemon cream scent with notes of lemongrass.

- Baby Powder, a very feminine scent reminiscent of soft baby powder.  

- Unscented has a faint natural scent.


Deodorant Scents:

- Zesty Lemon, notes of lemongrass and eucalyptus, energizing!

- Fresh Rose, is a mix of musk, sandalwood and fresh roses. 

- Baby Powder, our popular scent smells just like baby powder!

- Lavender, a refreshing scent with floral & herbal notes. (Unisex)

- Cucumber Mint, a unique mix of cucumbers and peppermint!

- Tea Tree, Organic Melaleuca oil with notes of fresh camphor. (Unisex)

- Wild Flower, a unique mixed of fresh lavender and geraniums.

- Natural Scent, our version of unscented deodorant with a faint coconut scent.  


Body Wash Scents: 

- Coco Mango is a fruity mango mixed in soft notes of coconut.

- Peach Blossom, a sweet floral scent with warm hues of peach.

- Lovely Lady, has light notes of warm vanilla, caramel & almond. 

- Lavender, a spa like scent with floral and herbal notes.

- Lemon Zest, a citrus scent with a twist of lemon and lemongrass. 

- Soft Cashmere, a powdery scent with hues of jasmine and musk.

- Unscented has a mild natural soap scent. 


Product Sizes: 

Whipped Shea Butter Cream 8oz.

Aluminum Free Deodorant 3 oz.

Natural Body Wash 16 oz. 

Hair & Scalp Oil 4 oz. 

Natural Body Oil 8 oz. 

Typical Shipping Time Frame is 3 Business Days.  



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