What’s In Your Deodorant?


Aluminum—the active ingredient in antiperspirants that keeps you dry—has raised the most concerns for its potential link to everything from breast cancer to Alzheimer’s. Other harmful ingredients include: parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates, and triclosan. Instead of aluminum and other harsh chemicals;  ALL natural deodorants rely on plant-based powders, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), natural minerals such as zinc, and essential oils to help reduce wetness & odor without any controversial chemicals. Make note, we don’t use baking soda in our deodorants because although it is a great natural ingredient, it can be abrasive. 


Consider detoxing your armpits as you switch to natural deodorants. This may reduce irritation as you transition from aluminum deodorant. This switch will interrupt your PH balance so understand your body must adjust, have patience! To detoxify you’ll need two things:  1 tablespoon Bentonite Clay, a detoxifying clay that can be found in health shops or online at amazon.com. 2 tablespoons Apple Cider vinegar. Mix the clay and apple cider vinegar together with 1 to 2 tablespoons of water to make a paste.  Apply a thin layer to your armpits and leave for fifteen minutes before rinsing off in the shower and drying thoroughly. Continue doing this until your body odor has regulated, this could take up to 7 days. Discontinue use of your old deodorant. Give us a try! Check out our natural deodorant & say goodbye to aluminum deodorants!


  • by Ashley on

    Thank you for these tips. Starting my transition this weekend.

  • by Dannie on

    This is great info! I tried to make the switch a few years ago, and my stink wasn’t having it! So, I went back. I’ve been thinking about trying again. I’ll definitely use your detox!

  • by Tiffany on

    I’ve used natural deodorants for years now and I even make my own with a essential oils but I never tried to detox. That recipe sounds great!

  • by Marie Johnson on

    Great info! I’m looking forward to trying your detox recipe and your deodorant!

  • by Tiffany on

    I used to use secret for years but I noticed it was starting to irritate my arm pits.. I had to switch to a natural deodorant but I didn’t think to detoxify by using a paste.. thanks for sharing this info

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